Design/Build Project Description

Toyota Industries Compressor Parts of America, Co. (TICA)

Pendergrass, Georgia

Wastewater Pretreatment System Upgrade


TICA manufactures automotive air-conditioning compressor parts and generates several types of process wastewaters. CWS upgraded the system by replacing dissolved air flotation with ultrafiltration. UF is a proven technology for handling metalworking oily coolant waste streams. Wastewater streams were rerouted to utilize existing tanks for additional equalization capacity, and an upgraded pH adjustment system using carbon dioxide was installed.

Project Requirements

  • Reused as much of the existing equipment as possible
  • Replaced coalescing oil/water separator with standard separator
  • Replaced dissolved air flotation unit with a UF membrane system
  • Increased pump capacity
  • Installed flow monitoring and sampling station
  • Upgraded the control system

System Components

  • Equalization
  • Oil/water separation
  • pH Adjustment
  • UF membrane separation
  • Flow monitoring