Design/Build Project Description

AW North Carolina, Inc. Durham, North Carolina

Wastewater Pretreatment System Upgrade


AWNC is a world leader in the manufacture of automatic transmissions. Generated process wastewater is high in oily solids and metals. CWS replaced a vacuum compression evaporator with duplex, ultrafiltration skids. UF is a proven technology for handling metalworking oily waste streams, and our team has extensive experience in this application.

Project Requirments

  • Reuse as much of the existing equipment as possible
  • New membrane system had to fit in the space of the former vacuum unit
  • Upgrade the existing system for improved efficiency and performance
    • Rearranged existing equipment for a more
      streamlined treatment train
    • Added specific components to enhance existing
  • Upgraded the outdated control system

System Components

  • Equalization
  • Oil/water separation
  • pH Adjustment
  • Metals precipitation
  • UF membrane separation
  • Flow monitoring
  • Sludge storage