Design/Build Project Description

FCC NC, LLC. – Laurinburg, North Carolina


FCC, NC, LLC, is a Japanese-owned company that manufactures clutches. FCC, NC, LLC, in Laurinburg is a friction paper material manufacturing plant. Manufacture of paper-based friction materials includes sheet-making, resin impregnation, resin hardening, and friction sheet attachment.

Water Treatment

Process water quality is important in the manufacture of high quality friction papers. Source water for production is groundwater. Analyses showed the water too high in iron.

The water treatment system installed included sand removal, pH adjustment, and iron removal. System components include:

  • In-ground Concrete Tanks
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Neutralization
  • Manganese Greensand PlusTM Iron Removal Filters

Wastewater Treatment

Process wastewater treatment at FCC, NC, is to be conducted in two phases. The installed system is Phase 1: clarification.

The wastewater treatment system under Phase 1 included:

  • Equalization
  • Coagulation
  • Clarification
  • Sludge Dewatering (belt press)
  • Monitoring

This 1.07 MGD system was installed in a very limited area. System meets quality requirements for process water and discharge requirements for wastewater.