Someone unfamiliar with water and wastewater systems would assume that all tanks are pretty much the same. After all, what could be so complicated about a large bin designed to hold water?

But like everything else in water science, precision matters. In terms of size, shape and materials, tanks have to be rigorously aligned with their intended uses. And if you don’t know why you’d use an open vs. closed tank, or why one would be made from fiberglass vs. steel, don’t worry—because we do. Our expertise, covering chemical mixers / reaction tanks, holding tanks and equalization tanks, can help guide you to the right solution.

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Please select one of the following Tank options:

Chemical Mixers / Reaction Tanks

Water and wastewater treatment processes typically require chemical reaction tanks where chemical treatment is applied along with proper mixing to ensure the desired treatment process is achieved. Certain chemicals also require blending with water to maintain proper dosage concentrations. CWS offers many customized reaction and mixing tank options.

Chemical Mixers / Reaction Tanks Chemical Mixers / Reaction Tanks

Holding Tank Systems

CWS offers options for water and wastewater tanks including carben steel, stainless steel, fiberglass and HDPE tanks. We can also design mixing technology for these tanks if required.

Holding Tank Systems Holding Tank Systems

Equalization Tank Systems

Proper equalization is one of the most important processes in wastewater treatment. CWS offers several options for equalization tanks, including bolted steel tanks, stainless steel ranks, fiberglass tanks and HDPE tanks.

Equalization Tank Systems Equalization Tank Systems