Wastewater MBR System

Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. – Hyannis, Massachusetts


Established in a small storefront in Hyannis in 1980, Cape Cod Potato Chips has grown to be one of the country’s most popular brands. Lance Inc. purchased the company in 1999, which merged with Snyder’s of Hanover in 2010, to become Snyder’s-Lance, Inc.

Cape Cod Potato Chips are still batch cooked in kettles to maintain their distinctive flavor and crunch. Facility tours, established in 1985, have become one of the area’s top attractions with over 250,000 visitors annually.

Project Requirements

  • Production facility is situated on a very small lot. Pretreatment system had to have a small footprint.
  • Design/build pretreatment facility for fats, oil, greases, starches, and suspended solids.
  • Needed storage capacity for high pH wastewater generated over the weekend and process it during the coming week.
  • Unobtrusive treatment facility with little impact on the tourists or parking lot.

System Components

  • Lined lift stations
  • Flow equalization with aeration
  • Neutralization/coagulation/flocculation
  • Dissolved air flotation
  • Bioreactor with membrane separation
  • Effluent monitoring