Water System Troubleshooting & Audits

Troubleshooting and auditing of water and wastewater systems are two distinctly different procedures. Troubleshooting is performed in an attempt to solve an existing problem, usually related to plant performance. Auditing is a more pro-active approach to identifying potential problems, usually related to compliance and recordkeeping.


As with most mechanical, chemical or biological systems, there are times when process upsets and operational problems occur. This is very evident in the water and wastewater industry. The number of variables associated with these processes is significant with any one capable of causing substantial problems within the system. Being able to identify the cause and effect of operational upsets can be frustrating and difficult. The professional water and wastewater professionals at Complete Water Services (CWS) are very experienced in troubleshooting most types of wastewater processes, from performing jar tests on coagulation and flocculation processes and microscopic examination of activated sludge systems.


Many regulatory compliance issues are directly related to improper reporting, inadequate recordkeeping and incomplete data management. Performing a systematic audit of records, testing and reporting protocol, operator staffing and training, management support/funding, chemical usage, and other related aspects of water and wastewater treatment will minimize the potential for non-compliance issues and enforcement. CWS has performed many audits of water and wastewater facilities and are prepared to assist you with evaluating and auditing your facility.