Design/Build Project Description

Exal Madryn S.A., Puerto Madryn, Argentina
Water Treatment System Closed Loop Cooling Towers
Wastewater Pretreatment System Upgrade


Exal is the world’s largest manufacturer of impact extruded aluminum containers. Markets include beverage, pharmaceuticals, beauty and personal care, food and home care. Exal Madryn is an aluminum slug manufacturing plant. The slugs are further processed using impact extrusion into aerosol cans, aluminum bottles, aluminum tubes, as well as other technical parts. CWS completed a design/build of the water system to support the new facility.

Project Requirements

  • Complete closed loop cooling tower system
  • Complete water treatment system
  • Logistics such that all equipment had to be shipped at one time

System Components

  • Cooling tower; automatic filtration; heat exchanger; chemical dosing skids; softener; reverse osmosis
  • Equalization; pH Adjustment; coagulation/flocculation; dissolved air flotation; sand and carbon filtration; sludge dewatering