Customized Water Treatment Plant Design and Construction

CWS professionals are hands-on, real world designers and operators. We know what it takes to design and build practical, efficient and effective treatment plants, well suited for their purpose and setting. Sometimes we use the latest, most innovative technologies. Other times we use tried and true methods that have been available for years. At all times, though, our designs are tailored to the needs and budgets of our clients, given present and likely future application requirements.

Our wide range of experience and technical expertise allows us to offer these services in a variety of options, from Turnkey to a la Carte:

  • Engineer, Procure and Construct
  • Design and Construction Management
  • Lump sum Design/Build
  • Traditional Design/Bid/Build

CWS designs include the entire range of pre-treatment and treatment options, from skid-mounted package plants to custom designed and fabricated systems, including: