Wastewater Treatment Plant

Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. – Hazelton, PA


Cargill Meat Solutions built a new case-ready meat processing plant in Hazelton, PA. The plant takes in sides and sections of beef, and further processes them into select cuts and ground beef, packaged and ready for retail sale. Wastewater produced by washing and rinsing operations is high in solids, fats and oil grease. Because of their prior experience with our firm. Cargill specified Complete Water Services as the preferred wastewater treatment subcontractor when they put the plant construction project out to bid.

Project Requirements

  • Treatment for solids, fats, oils and grease
  • Design and construction of new building and all systems, from the ground up
  • Schedule to match completion of processing plant construction

System Components

  • Flow equalization
  • Continuous pH neutralization
  • Chemical flocculation/ coagulation
  • Dissolved air flotation