Treatment Plant Operator Training

Training for the industrial treatment plant operator is more challenging than ever. As regulations tighten and technology advances, the ability to train and keep competent treatment plant operators is a major concern in an industrial facility. In addition, many states are now requiring that the industrial operator be licensed or certified. These conditions have created a very competitive environment for well trained and competent industrial treatment operators.

Our staff at Complete Water Services has been involved in treatment plant operator training for many years. Our principals hold certification in all classes of certification, including industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, water, and collection systems. One of our principals also sits on the Industrial Waste Validation and Examination Committee of the Association of Boards of Certification ( This committee’s primary responsibility is to review and create questions for industrial operator certification exams that are used throughout the United States and Canada.

CWS provides pro bono industrial operator training for metals finishing treatment at the Georgia Water and Wastewater Institute, ( The GWWI is the premier water and wastewater operator training institute in the United States. A copy of the power point presentation used for training by CWS can be viewed by clicking Metals Finishing Treatment Class.

CWS can provide hands-on industrial operator training for all types of treatment facilities including physical-chemical, biological, and advanced treatment processes. Should this be a need, please contact CWS.

GWWI Training Presentation(PowerPoint)