Water and Wasterwater Treatment for Oil Field

Complete Water Services offers expert solutions regarding wastewater treatment systems for countless demanding industries, such as the oil and gas sector. We deliver cutting-edge oil and gas wastewater treatment designs that ensure our clients conform to environmental regulations set by governing authorities regarding effluent discharge.

Harmful Substances from Oil and Gas Wastewater

The oil and gas industry is known for its complex and diverse operations involving oil drilling, fracking, and refining processes. With these operations comes generating pollutants and toxic substances that can negatively impact the environment, the sustainability of the resources, and other sectors.

Typical pollutants found in oil and gas wastewater include:

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Phenol
  • Ammonia
  • Oil and grease
  • Sulfide
  • Mercaptans

That said, cost-productive and effective oil industry wastewater treatment is necessary to treat effluents before being released into the environment.

Oil Fields Skid Mounted Package Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Oil Fields Skid Mounted Package Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Common Operations and Activities in Oil Fields

The oil and gas industry constantly utilizes EOR or Enhanced Oil Recovery methods to make the most out of an existing oil field. EOR is commonly employed when the well has already undergone the primary and secondary stages of oil recovery.

The three common types of EOR are as follows:

  • Chemical Flooding
  • Miscible Displacement
  • Thermal Recovery

Unfortunately, wastewater due to oil drilling can become a byproduct of this process. At Complete Water Services, we specialize in custom skid-mounted treatment systems and oil skimmer solutions for wastewater treatment used in oil fields. Our systems are designed to meet stringent effluent guidelines and can handle various types of oil and gas wastewater pollutants.

Oil Skimmer Systems for Wastewater Treatment

Our team can design and build advanced systems with oil skimmers to efficiently remove oil from process water and wastewater.

Irrefutable benefits of oil skimming as part of wastewater treatment:

  • Improved environmental responsibility: Cleaner operations during oil field activities are guaranteed.
  • Reduced operating costs: Oil skimmers can reduce overall water consumption and extend the water’s life.
  • Increased revenue: Removing oil from the wastewater retains its value for reuse, recycling, or resale.
  • Lower risks: By skimming the oil, there’s no need for other removal methods that may involve more risks, such as absorbing or hauling.

We can improve your operations with state-of-the-art oil skimming options made with your project’s requirements in mind. Our team can produce a suitable solution that will drive success to your future oil field activities without compromising the quality of your operations and the environment.

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