Oil Fields Skid Mounted Package Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment

With the current global energy situation energy companies are making the most out of existing oil fields. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a recovery technique that alters the original properties of the oil to increase the productive life of an oil reservoir. Proper water treatment is essential for the successful functioning of EOR operations.

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There are two stages in the Oil Field Development.  In the first, or Primary Recovery Stage,oilis forced out by pressure generated from the gas present in the oil. In Secondary Recovery the reservoir is subjected to water flooding or gas injection to maintain a pressure that continues to move oil to the surface. Primary and Secondary Oil Recovery typically produce approximately 20% of the oil in a reservoir.

Enhanced oil recovery can begin after a secondary recovery process or at anytime during the productive life of an oil reservoir. There are three major types of EOR:

    • Chemical Flooding (polymer, alkaline, surfactant, brine, etc.)
    • Miscible Displacement (CO2 or hydrocarbon injection)
    • Thermal Recovery (steam flood or in-situ combustion)

CWS can develop skid-mounted treatment systems specific to the source water used in these applications to meet the quality needs of the polymer.
Chemical EOR requires dilution water of a specific quality for polymer activation and chemical delivery.

• Iron Filtration Systems
• Dissolved Air Flotation
• Induced Gas Flotation
• Precipitation and Clarification
• Oil Water Separators
• Nutshell Filters
• Membrane Filtration Systems

    • Softener / Ion Exchange Systems

Contact CWS for specific EOR application water treatment requirements.

Project Example:

Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname, NV

CWS provided skid-mounted water treatment system for pilot polymer injectionsystem. Project in Suriname, South America

Citation Oil & Gas Corporation

CWS provided skid-mounted water treatment system for a pilot surfactant/polymer injection system. Treatment processes included clarification, filtration and membrane treatment