Municipal Wastewater

Complete Water Services provides a new concept for design-build to the municipal water and wastewater treatment market by offering very economical design and construction services for what is generally considered “small” municipal construction projects. We cut out a lot of fluff and bureaucracy with these types of projects and provide a product that meets the needs and budget of our municipal clients. A sample of these projects include:

  • Design, permitting and construction of a sludge dewatering system for a town of 1,500 residents. The system included a reconditioned 0.8 meter belt press and sludge conveyor, a 20’ x 30’ prefabricated metal building with sludge roll-off box canopy, recycled press wash water, and power.
  • Design and construction of a chlorination and de-chlorination system for a small community.
  • Replacement of the grit collection system on a 1.0 MGD treatment plant.
  • Design and construction of a pH adjustment system for hydrogen sulfide control that included a prefabricated heated metal building, double-wall caustic storage tank, and chemical dosing system.
  • Design, permitting and construction of an innovative system for treating water from a former rock quarry to provide supplemental water for a draught stricken community. The system included a floating mixer, floating aerator, and a pH adjustment system that was housed in a simple metal building.
  • Installation of a septage receiving facility for a large municipal treatment plant in metro Atlanta.

If you need a relatively uncomplicated approach to the “smaller” types of municipal water and wastewater handling projects, please contact CWS.