Design/Build Project Description

General Mills Incorporated – Murfreesboro, Tennessee


The General Mills Pillsbury plant in Murfreesboro, Tennessee produces dough products (biscuits, croissants, cookies, turnovers) for consumer baking. An expansion of this plant created the need to double the amount of flour needed on a daily basis from 2.2 million pounds/day to 4.4 million pounds/day. The existing indoor off loading facilities were adequate for unloading but the existing rail facilities were not capable of supporting the number of rail movements needed to supply the process. Both truck and rail traffic required access to the unloading facilities.

Project Requirements

  • Provide rail yard and mainline access to receive and unload flour from 22 rail cars each day to feed GMI bakery products plant.
  • Receive and store 90 rail cars.
  • Provide yard switching movements for full and empty cars.
  • Double ended 3 track ladder tracks and 3 track stub end yard

System Components

  • Dual track rail feed into existing building for offloading flour.
  • Slab track with switch in the slab track with full truck access across slab track.
  • Private yard switcher locomotive storage area.
  • Railroad Permitting.
  • Local Land Disturbance Permit
  • Resolution of FEMA flood plain impacts.
  • Important property restraints.
  • Fire, storm, and sanitary utility relocations.
  • Fiber optic trunk line permitting, relocation, and protection.
  • Important considerations included protection of the adjacent river, erosion, impacts to the neighbors.
  • Extremely tight schedule constraints.