Recycle Systems

Recycling and reusing water is a great step toward a company becoming “greener”. Whether the water is recovered condensate or process wastewater, technologies are available to increase the quality of water to any level required. Systems can be permanently installed, skid-mounted or temporary.

CWS can design and develop your system tailored for your specific needs. Systems are based on the type and specific characteristics of the source water, and the unique water quality necessary for the destination water.

Common internal water sources that benefit from recycling include:

  • Cooling tower blowdown water
  • Boiler blowdown water
  • Condensate water
  • Equipment/heat exchanger cooling water
  • Reject water
  • Process unit wastewater
  • Wash and rinse water
  • Scrubber water
  • Industrial wastewater effluent
  • Storm water run-off