Customized Water & Wastewater Equipment Solutions

Unlike many products you buy off-the-shelf without a second thought, equipment for water and wastewater applications isn’t a one-size-fits-all purchase. That’s why Complete Water Services is the right choice for your equipment needs. Each item we sell—through our knowledge of premier manufacturers and fabricators of treatment components—comes with our extensive expertise.

Since we’re not a manufacturer or equipment rep, we won’t stick you with equipment that’s “close enough” to meeting your needs—which just happens to be a product we make or carry. Instead, we choose the perfect products for your situation, regardless of manufacturer or equipment line.

Don’t know what you need? Talk to us. We won’t sell you more than you need. Our staff always recommends the most cost-effective, appropriate technology, more important than ever in these times of tight budgets and thin margins.

And after the purchase, our expert staff provides design services and system integration to ensure the components you own truly solve the issues they were designed to solve—and work together properly.

Finally, CWS can provide preassembled package systems to be shipped anywhere in the world—already our systems have traveled to Canada and South America. Preassembled package systems ensure simplicity of installation and reduced installation cost, as well as scalability and portability.