Chemical Feed and Control

Whether adding chlorine, removing bacterial agents or adjusting pH levels, most water-related processes require some form of dosing. At the same time, overuse of chemical products is expensive and can also have adverse environmental implications.

That’s where chemical feed and control systems come into play.

We provide systems to support almost all water / wastewater treatment processes. Our chemical pump lines include small, metering pumps for low flow applications, large motor-driven pumps for high flow applications and everything in between. Our controllers include applications for pH control, oxidation control (such as chlorination), cyanide destruction, chrome reduction and many other applications. Chemical feed and control systems can include sensor cable and probes for tank-mount or inline applications. These systems can provide proportional control of treatment applications to prevent chemical overfeed, or overuse of treatment products.

The result: lower costs, more efficiency and a greener operation.

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