White Paper

Utilizing recirculating aquaculture systems to evaluate the impact of oil toxicity on marine fishes: Design and operation of a large-scale experimental system

System Upgrade: Conventional AS System to MBR at a Poultry Processing Plant
Anticipating increases to production, the Wayne Farms, LLC, Pendergrass facility, wanted an upgrade to their existing Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR), aerated lagoon, and Land Application (LAS) wastewater treatment system.

Control of Hydrogen Sulfide Generation
Our case study in addressing sewer corrosion due to hydrogen sulfide gas generation conditions.

Wastewater: Industrial Metal Finishing
Metal finishing is a prime example of the type of industry that has expanded on a worldwide basis. This article details the impacts that metal finishing operations may have on the local water supplies and the types of treatment systems options available to make these discharges safe for the environment.

Water is essential to all forms of life on earth, yet most of us tend to overlook what an extraordinary substance it is.

Water for the 21st Century
It has been predicted that water will be the defining crisis for mankind in the 21st century due to the increased demands of population growth, agricultural demand, industrial production and shrinking availability of fresh water.