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Industrial Wastewater

Wastewater generated by industry runs the gamut from those termed as “hazardous” and “toxic” to those termed as “conventional pollutants”. Wastewater characteristics vary considerably from one industry to another and oftentimes vary greatly among plants within the same industry. In addition, significant variations in flow and contaminant levels occur hourly within the same plant.

Add into the mix that industrial facilities must meet locally developed limits and in some cases federally imposed “categorical” limits. These limits may be administered by the local governing authority (LGA), the state environmental protection department, or the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), depending on who has been delegated this authority.

These factors make managing industrial discharges a very complex and challenging venture for the industrial facility. Complete Water Services and our staff have been assisting industrial facilities with the management of their water resources for many years. The following section includes some basic information regarding selected industries including process descriptions, wastewater generation and treatment alternatives.

Food Processing, Packaging, and Preparation

Metal Manufacturing and Metal Finishing

Specialty Chemical Manufacturing

Textiles, Foams, and Rubber

“Civilization has been a permanent dialogue between human beings and water.” – Paolo Lugari