Commercial Water Services

Complete Water Services provides experience and resources that produce innovative solutions to water and wastewater treatment.

The majority of natural waters are not suitable for potable uses. CWS designs systems to handle the unique challenges of high purity water systems – to meet specific needs of your plant and the water quality required.

Whether you have a water or wastewater issue at your plant, need to install a complete water or wastewater treatment system for your facility, or need experienced assistance with a specialized industrial application, we can help. CWS professionals are hands-on, real world designers and operators. We know what it takes to design and build practical, efficient water and wastewater treatment plants, well suited for their purpose and setting. We specialize in providing customized pre-assembled water and wastewater treatment systems that simplify field construction activity. Our systems include package pumping and filtration systems, pH adjustment systems, membrane systems and packaged sanitary wastewater treatment systems.

From oil fields, power plants to manufacturing facility CWS provides effective water and waste water solutions.