The majority of natural waters are not suitable for potable uses. Most municipalities or other entities provide some level of treatment prior to distribution to make the water suitable for consumptive purposes. Often this potable water is not of a quality required for many industrial and most research applications. Additional treatment is required for the water to meet certain quality criteria. Many industries and organizations have .
Water treatment is vital to our survival considering the earth’s freshwater composition is only a small percentage.
Water is broken down by the following percentages:

  • 97% Salt water in Ocean’s Seas
  • 3% Fresh water
    • 77% Freshwater in polar icecaps
      • 85% Antartica
      • 15% North Pole’s Glaciers
    • 22% is groundwater
      • 50% accessible
      • 50% unaccessible
    • 1% Remaining freshwater
      • 89.3% in lakes
      • 9.3% in clouds
      • 0.9% in rivers & streams
      • 0.3% is accessible & usable

“Water is more critical than energy. We have alternative sources of energy. But with water there is no other choice.”- Eugene Odom/ Dr. of Ecology

Do you think people should worry about the scarcity of freshwater?